The Division of Vision

March 2013
Art exhibition
at Warphaus Gallery,
Gainesville, FL

As presented at SCAPE, The Advanced Drawing Senior Show in March 2013, this is an installation of 30 collages and 3 wearable mirrored sculptures. The collage portion of the installation is subdivided into 3 tiers.

Top Tier
Scenes of Sky and Space, the landscape transformed by the augmented reality of mirrored perception.

Center Tier
Fashion models presenting the world of Mirror Vision.

Lower Tier
Scenes of The Astronaut embarking on strange space adventures

Participants in The Division of Vision are given the opportunity to try the Mirror Vision apparatus. Three variations are provided, producing different visual scenarios for the observer to experience firsthand. The viewer encounters ghostly, transparent figments, multiplying and inverting the imagery on the walls with the environment around one-self. This new vision of the world invites the viewer to explore our world like an Astronaut, to discover strange, unpredictable phenomena in our ordinary world.

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