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20 Years Experience Art & Design.
10 Years Experience Web Development.

Hey! I'm Jay Rosen

Artist & Developer specializing in Metaverse, Augmented Reality, Photography, Fashion Design & Web Development

Glass Fashion, Luxury Virtual Reality

Mirror Visionwear are ocular apparatuses which allow for an optically immersive experience with reflection, opacity, and infinity. A wearer’s perception will be instantaneously distorted and fragmented into an omnipresently-twisted vision of the world. Mirror Vision’s mission is to heighten our awareness to the natural world, by causing us to experientially stare directly into the the invisible operations of optics at work.

Designs That Save Lives

In 2020, I utilized my art & technology skills to help save lives in our community. I manufactured over 1000 masks and face shields for local hospitals, and prototyped reusable machine-washable N-95 respirators with 3D printing, sculpting, and mold-making techniques.

Beautiful Web Expierences

Since 2012, I have worked on over 100 websites, blogs, apps, and games. Always excited

Enter the Metaverse

Come visit the Mirror Vision Gallery in Decentraland (70, 29). Prime location in Crypto Valley next to Binance, Polygon, MarkerDao, Rarible, and the iconic Tokens.com Tower. The digital real estate is available for rent and curated events.